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Just in time for Cobra Kai season 3, Kevin and Kornflake take a quick spoiler-free look at seasons 1 and 2! Of course we're longtime Karate Kid fans, so we're waxing on and off about Billy Zabka (not just an 80s bully anymore), Ralph Macchio (who somehow hasn't aged since the first movie), the All Valley Tournament, Golf N' Stuff, Bananarama pancakes (it's a cruel, cruel breakfast), the Facts of Life/Karate Kid connection, and why we're naming a Boston subway station after Hilary Swank. And when you're caught up on all this Cobra Kai/Miyagi-Do action, we recommend a few more shows (about Tasmanian real estate agents, Irish schoolgirls, and crazy kids from Brockton, Massachusetts). Also, we watched a certain new movie on Christmas day, and we have a question about Wonder Woman and Waldenbooks.

From Donkeys to Otters: Christmas Gets Weird (American Sci-Fi Classics panel)

Earth Station DCU Episode 220: Wonder Woman 1984

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