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Let's wrap up our review of our long wacky weekend in Atlanta for DragonCon! Including: More Sci-Fi Explosion (with Fonzie, Spider-Woman, and maybe even Robolar from Mars); more Flash Gordon panels with Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson; the return of the Manimal Panimal; the cast of Doom Patrol; the George PĂ©rez memorial panel; the 10th anniversary of the ESO Network; more late night fun with Good Enough Cosplay, Deena the "Last DragonCon" lady, and the falafel truck; the science of multiverses; a very Needless Things Christmas (with a mechanical Santa and a peppermint pig); a charity screening of Legends of the Superheroes (in which the audience must pay to escape from the American Sci-Fi Classics Track room); and a whole bunch of muscovy ducks. It was weirder than the New Zoo Revue, and we loved it. See you next year, nerds.

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