The Flopcast

It's a weird mix of topics for this quick little show, including: Kornflake mini-golfing in a hockey uniform; fun with standing desks (we've cleared the studio of silly old-fashioned chairs); International Teachers Day (just an excuse to celebrate Welcome Back, Kotter); the new season of Cobra Kai (and Kornflake's controversial Swank theories); ESO Network updates (300 episodes of Earth Station DCU! Monkeeing Around, a fun new Monkees podcast! And a Modern Musicology interview with an actual member of The Go-Go's!); a bizarre Chickens in the News story from a Florida garage; and a shockingly enthusiastic review of Frankenberry. Next week: Something special is happening here on The Flopcast. Not Go-Go's-level special, but something...

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This week's promo: Epsilon Three!

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