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More goofy Halloween fun this week, as we flip through the book An Old School Halloween and learn about the costumes of Ben Cooper Inc. This was the company that sold those quick simple Halloween costumes (a cheap plastic mask and vinyl smock) at discount department stores for decades. We discuss the odd history of Ben Cooper's Spider-Man costume, why Yoda was blue, how Fonzie's catchphrase was bungled, why Scooby Doo looked like Scrappy Doo, and the awesomeness of the Sleestak costume. Also: Another new Halloween book called Full Moon, written by friends of Kornflake; scary 1970s Halloween stories from Power Records; Matt's Count Chocula review; a concert report on folk rock musician (and camping enthusiast) Brett Dennen; the spooky return of our sister podcast But First, Let's Talk Nerdy; and Happy Birthday to Annie Potts, star of every Ghostbusters movie. Now have a creepy yet festive week, and hand over the Reese's.

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