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It's another Flopcast tribute to V66, Boston's music video TV channel of the mid-80s! (We do this every one hundred episodes. It's all we have.) This time we thought we'd look at Billboard's Top 66 songs of 1986, an amazing list of absolutely classic 80s pop. (Flopcast favorite Billy Ocean made the list twice, and no, that's not nearly enough Billy Ocean.) And Kornflake has even pared the Top 66 list down to her own weird Top 4 1/2 List, including freestyle stars The Jets and Lisa Lisa, a Rocky sequel song from Survivor (but not that one), one hit wonder Sly Fox (remember them?), and more. (And do Kevin and Kornflake agree on the list's worst song, which somehow landed way up at number 12? Oh yes.) For more V66 fun, as always we recommend the wonderful documentary Life on the V. Also: Happy Birthday to Michael Caine, who coincidentally starred in approximately every 80s movie.

Life on the V: The Story of V66!

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