The Flopcast

Kevin and Kornflake are far from Chickentown this weekend, because it's finally time for MarsCon! But worry not; right before we ran screaming from the studio, we recorded this special episode... all about 1980s WWF wrestling! It's the only era of wrestling we care about -- the era of crazy characters like the Junk Yard Dog, Hillbilly Jim, the Iron Sheik, Jimmy Superfly Snuka... and those are some of the guys we didn't even get around to mentioning. Kornflake provides a Top 4 1/2 List of her favorite wrestlers, including one guy who also appeared in our list of giants! (Now who could that be?) And along the way we uncover what may be the greatest photo in the history of everything. (Does it involve Mr. T and a rubber chicken, and they're both wearing kilts? Maybe...) Also: We learn about butterflies. Space Butterflies, specifically. (This show has a lot of range.)

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