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Never mind the humans, it's time for our ninth (!) annual robot-themed Top 4 1/2 List. And because this is not a normal summer, we're combining the robot list with our new quarantine era segment, Trapped in the House. Kevin is supplying the weird robot options, and Kornflake must choose which robots are stomping on over to her place and moving in. Are these robots angry, crazy, and super annoying? But of course. Also: 1980s computers, Partners in Crime with Loni and Lynda, virtual DragonCon, and a very exciting bird feeder update.

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Our music is by The Sponge Awareness Foundation!

DragonCon goes virtual!

Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon episode 126, with the Mayor of Chickentown!

This week's promo: Double Edged Double Bill!

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