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Inspired by our recent discussion of synthpop band A-ha and their massive hit "Take On Me," we're making a list of other 1980s songs with iconic keyboard parts. Plenty more synthy new wave acts are on the list (such as Eurythmics, Soft Cell, and Men Without Hats), but several rock bands better known for their guitars actually provided some of the decade's most memorable keyboards. (One obvious example: Van Halen and "Jump.") Check out our list and let us know what we missed. (It would be appropriate for this to be our FINAL COUNTDOWN, but you know we'll keep making more goofy lists around here...) Also: We're frightened by Hug a Runner Day, a delightful "What's in the Bag?" package arrives at the studio, and a "Chickens in the News" item gives us just one more reason to stay out of Florida.

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