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The Flopcast Book Club is finally back in session, and we're discussing Bill Mumy's new memoir Danger, Will Robinson: The Full Mumy. Best known for Lost in Space and The Twilight Zone, Bill was one of the busiest child actors of the 1960s, and has stayed busy with television, film, and music projects ever since. We cover Bill's Disney movies co-starring seals and raccoons; his experiences on The Munsters and Bewitched; his adventures with Shaun Cassidy, Rick Springfield, and "Weird Al" Yankovic; his comic book band Seduction of the Innocent; his new supergroup Action Skulls; and most importantly, his Pez collection. And don't forget Bill's other band Barnes & Barnes, whose classic novelty song "Fish Heads" somehow led to a year's supply of iced coffee for Kornflake. (RIP Robert Haimer, the other half of Barnes & Barnes, and thanks for the decades of weird music. Yeah.) So stay out of the cornfield and check out the book. We recommend reading it while a big goofy robot screams at you.

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