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It's about time for another Dynamite magazine review, but to mix things up, we're looking at a different (but eerily similar) magazine called Winner. A single issue of Winner was sold through school book clubs in 1982, and it's essentially a sports-themed version of Dynamite. Our discussion includes: John McEnroe's hair; Chris Evert on SNL; KangaROOS, the sneakers with pockets; how Kevin learned to juggle Spam; Larry Bird vs Dr. J vs Mike Brady; an ice skating lesson from Linda Fratianne; the longest baseball game in history (yes, it happened in Rhode Island); a wedding on rollerskates; the shockingly high cost of a keyboard for your Intellivision; and why sad kids have the best posters. Also: It's National Puppy Day, so you might as well send all your dogs to go live with Kornflake.

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