The Flopcast

Mr. Bubble meets Mr. Mister, we acknowledge past mistakes, Kornflake has a Prank War update, Kevin infiltrates the Nerdist podcast, skunks love Kenny Loggins, we love Weird Al... and the episode ends with a murder! Somebody call Quincy -- this podcast needs a tiny chalk outline.

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Kornflake's ridiculous new super-hero identity is revealed, Kevin visits the Boston Comic Con (featuring Mad Magazine artists, and Boston's own version of Mr. T), we sing the praises of a couple of nerd-friendly local bands, and we count down the Top 4 1/2 Supporting Characters in 1980s Cartoons. Hard to believe we get paid the big bucks to do this...

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It's our first official episode! Kevin and Kornflake are strangely fascinated by their coffee mugs, Kornflake attends an Australia-themed wedding (but not really), the Prank Wars begin, Kevin goes to MarsCon and plays Boob Tree, we recall weird candy from the 80s, and the contents of a Mystery Bag are revealed. It's just another day in Chickentown.

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It's the Flopcast secret sneak preview episode! Don't tell anyone! Kevin & Kornflake ramble for a few minutes about novelty license plates from Honey Combs cereal boxes, the cultural phenomenon that is The Fall Guy, and not having any friends. (Hey, if that's all you talked about, how many friends would YOU have?) You're welcome, Internet! Time for a beverage!

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