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Kornflake is back from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed party, where she ate weird pizza, played weird card games, and climbed on weird people; Kevin is back from Jury Duty, where, it turns out, full Judge Dredd uniforms are frowned upon; and by request, we present a Top 4 1/2 List of awful snack foods. Oh, we also unveil a startling new version of our Flopcast theme music, and we get attacked by a helicopter. But don't worry. Despite this being such an action-packed show, nothing really happens.

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Our DragonCon coverage concludes (finally!) on a high note: an exclusive Flopcast interview with the Amazing One himself, James Randi! This leads to Kevin and Kornflake discussing Randi's career and the skeptic movement in general. (Dowsing! Psychic surgery! Psychic spoon-bending! Some of these things might not really work!) Then we switch gears and kick around some ridiculous new job ideas for Kornflake (involving ATMs and airport security, believe it or not). Finally we abandon the safety of our Chickentown studio and report live from a Dar Williams concert in Somerville, Massachusetts -- where the Irish pubs play country music, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed parties go all night.

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Kevin braves the mean streets of Connecticut to see a George Hrab show and a million Pez dispensers; our DragonCon recap continues with an interview with mentalist Mark Edward, author of Psychic Blues; Kornflake climbs inside a human hamster ball; the start of the school year brings memories of lunch boxes and exploding bridges; Kornflake recommends crazy British mustaches and sock puppets; and we close with yet another bizarre Chickens in the News segment. You know, in some cultures, this would almost be considered a weird show.

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Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown are back from Atlanta, with a full DragonCon report to share with Kornflake and with you! This extra-long episode (sorry) starts with some nice calm day-by-day reports of encountering folks like The Amazing Randi, Alice Cooper, Levar Burton, Nichelle Nichols, Adam West and Burt Ward, and yes, Freezepop. But then the show descends into chaos, as we head right into the middle of the DragonCon late night party scene and encounter some, uh, colorful characters. Hang on, kids; this one gets a little weird...

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Warning! This is NOT your typical Flopcast episode! It's a lot shorter, and (they said it couldn't be done) a lot stupider.

We're actually taking a little break this Labor Day weekend. We're sleepy. You know, it's hard work giggling into a microphone, week after miserable week...

But we didn't want to leave you lost and confused all week, totally Flop-free. And so... the Flopathon. Enjoy.

The Flopathon was filmed in front of a live studio audience. (Well, not really. But I always wanted to say that. Just like Tom Bosley...)

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