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It's been several months since we picked a really stupid, random topic for a Top 4 1/2 List. So we're making it up to you this week with perhaps our stupidest list ever: Top 4 1/2 Boxes. That's right... boxes. But worry not; we still managed to fill this list with superheroes, funny songs, and weird junk from the 80s, as usual. This will be even more fun than your class trip to the Springfield Box Factory. Also: We celebrate International Polar Bear Day, and visit the World of Coca-Cola, because why not. Now pour yourself a big box of coffee and enjoy...

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Flopcast 093: Walk the Dino-Chicken

As Saturday Night Live's Stefon might say, this podcast has everything: Hula hoops, handcuffs, Harvey the Wonder Pony, your Flopcast hosts in a hot tub time machine, and yes, dino-chickens. Also: A bizarre challenge is issued to The Pod of Destiny. If only we were making at least some of this up... but it's all horribly, shockingly real. Enjoy.

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Kevin and Kornflake's first convention appearance of 2014 is just a month away -- yes, we're going back to MarsCon! (Could there be a better time of year to visit Minnesota? Wait, don't answer that.) MarsCon is traditionally the silliest weekend of the whole stupid year, thanks to the Dementia track of comedy music performances. This year's lineup includes guest of honor Henry Phillips, as well as Luke Ski, Power Salad, Worm Quartet, and many more returning MarsCon favorites. (And we should probably mention that Doctor Demento himself will be there too! We're so excited, we're giggling like lobsters.) MarsCon shall also feature Dementia Water Aerobics (with our own Kornflake), podcasting, costuming, crazy room parties... and just to keep things interesting, the whole place will be crawling with hunters and taxidermists, apparently. (So you might want to reconsider that moose costume...) See you there, true believers! Also: National Organ Donor Day is this week. Hand 'em over.

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A special morning edition of the Flopcast! (It's so early that we can't even figure out how coffee works.) This week: Kevin and Kornflake ignore Groundhog Day and instead discuss their favorite human meteorologists (most of whom resemble Brady Bunch cast members); Kevin's long silly week includes coffee jello with Penn Jillette, and Weird Al-themed burlesque dancers; Kornflake plays mini-golf with glow-in-the-dark diseased people; the Pudding Pages teach us about the safe way for 90s kids to beat each other up; and since it's almost time for MarsCon, we plug some MarsCon-related fundraising projects. (And hey, look -- the MarsCon 2014 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album includes a song by Kornflake and Doornail! Weird...)

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