The Flopcast

Desperate to escape the miserable heat, Kevin & Kornflake record the Flopcast from a secret subterranean bunker! Kornflake's commute involves sprinklers and weird abandoned phone booths; we offer a correction about Sir Todd Bridges; despite the advice of medical professionals, Kevin won't shut up about goofy old sitcoms; and we review this year's Logan Awards for comedy music (and whine about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). But worry not; through it all, we somehow never stop making fun of Richard Marx.

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Connecticut is a hotbed of chicken-themed crime, cucumber lemonade is a bad idea, Kevin and Kornflake declare war on Venus, our new Flopcast business cards create the illusion of professionalism, and we present a Top 4 1/2 List of Pleasant Surprises (only some of which involve black coffee and turkeys). And as usual, somewhere in there, we tell a big fat lie about Todd Bridges.

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The Flopcast welcomes its first special guest, as the Mayor of Chickentown joins Kevin and Kornflake for a round of "What's in the Bag?" We also compare goofy prom stories, and debate whether dogs or rubber chickens make better pets. Strap yourselves in, kids; today's show flies by faster than Bulletman the Human Bullet.

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Kornflake's dog joins, Kevin is frightened by "Laughter Yoga," Bonnie Tyler leads the Bully Parade, karaoke is usually a big mistake, and we present a Top 4 1/2 List that's way stupider than the last one.

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