The Flopcast

Pack up your finest Spock ears and beam yourself to Atlanta -- it's our DragonCon preview episode! Kevin and Kornflake get ready for our favorite annual gathering of geeks -- featuring costumers, gamers, steampunks, skeptics, puppets, robots, mad scientists, mutants, and misfits of all sorts. And then for this week's Top 4 1/2 List, we count down our favorite mermaids! (Yeah, we're trying to pick up more listeners in Atlantis -- a market totally ignored by most podcasts...)

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Kornflake goes to a wild keg party hosted by a one month old baby; Kevin is obsessed with Fame reruns and character actor Dick Miller; the Mayor of Chickentown joins us for a very scientific root beer taste test (which somehow involves the Brady Bunch); and we look forward to some upcoming geek-friendly live shows -- be there, even if you have to crash through the ceiling, Judd Nelson-style. The Flopcast -- we're NOT gonna learn how to fly! (Manage your expectations, silly Fame kids.)

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Kevin takes a highway to the danger zone (assuming your definition of "danger zone" is a Kenny Loggins concert), Kornflake visits the crazy dancing non-showering people at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, our latest "Chickens in the News" story takes us to Arkansas (a hotbed of chicken-themed crime, we assume), and we count down our Top 4 1/2 favorite goofy old commercials. So how many licks does it take to get to the center of this podcast? Please keep the answer, and your suspiciously moist iPod, to yourself.

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A super-short episode, because we're sleepy! This week: Thanks to her trusty expired sunblock, Kornflake is now a healthy Kool-Aid Man shade of red; Kevin's trip to North Carolina and Kornflake's trip to Maine both involve weird ducks; and we sneak in a little Spider-Man movie talk too. Warning: The show ends with some genuine Morgan Freeman narration, as if a bunch of penguins were breaking out of Shawshank.

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