The Flopcast

Kevin and Kornflake exchange weird summer job stories -- Kornflake worked at a mysterious warehouse which may or may not have contained little suits for turkeys, while Kevin drew edible Legos on TV; our latest Chicken in the News resides in a town all too familiar to us; and we count down our Top 4 1/2 favorite mustaches. (Yikes, Magnum PI didn't even make the list! You know where to send your complaints.)

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Kevin and Kornflake celebrate Independence Day by avoiding fireworks and people (especially people); the San Diego Comic-Con is discussed (but not in detail, since we didn't go -- remember, we're avoiding people); it's almost time for Kornflake's beach vacation, during which a 102-year-old woman must do her bidding; and there is much silly TV talk, including a look back at the greatest TV crossover ever. (Uh, that'd be when Boss Hogg visited Mel's Diner. We're a little disappointed that you had to ask.)

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Kevin and Kornflake celebrate the Flopcast's 10th episode, and (perhaps wrongly) assume this is now the longest-running podcast ever; Kornflake's vacation plans keep getting weirder; despite being total nerds, we look at the world of sports for our latest "Chickens in the News" segment; and we count down the Top 4 1/2 funny songs of the last ten years. If there is a lesson to be learned from today's show, it's that you probably shouldn't set trampolines on fire. (The more you know...)

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Flopcast 009: Watch It, Jive Turkeys

For reasons we do not completely understand, Kornflake is wearing a roll of caution tape; we discuss angry crane operators and Muppet Theory; and the Mayor of Chickentown joins us to talk about summer movies, some of which apparently do not star Kevin Bacon. Which is sort of a big problem.

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We're back in the basement, still hiding from the crazy heat wave. This week Kevin can't remember all the Ramones drummers; Kornflake has one more Rock and Roll Hall of Fame suggestion; a 'Chickens in the News' segment takes us to the mean streets of Black Jack, Missouri; on Kornflake's new dating show, your dog chooses your date; and because the people demanded it, we count down the Top 4 1/2 cartoon robots.

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