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After taking care of a little business here in Chickentown (like celebrating Public Sleeping Day and discussing weird perfume from the 70s), Kevin and Kornflake are, yes, packing for MarsCon, a silly science fiction convention happening in Minnesota next weekend. So today we're checking out the convention schedule (Mad Science! Claudia Christian! And hey, Water Aerobics with Kornflake!) and looking forward to seeing some of our favorite funny musicians (Flat 29! Luke Ski! TV's Kyle!)... yikes, this should be fun. If we're not back in Chickentown the following week, please send a search party to Minnesota. (Beth Kinderman's Space Oddity Brew Pub room party would be a logical place to start searching.)

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Kornflake has two different National Whatever Days for us this week -- and Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is the less ridiculous one; Kevin introduces a very exciting new segment called "The Pudding Pages," for which we're going to need a 217-sided die; and our latest Top 4 1/2 List is particularly goofy, even by Flopcast standards: we're listing Wilsons. Characters, songs, Cajun chefs, chinchillas -- anything named Wilson just might make the list. Okay, maybe not chinchillas. But trust us -- a chinchilla is involved.

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Kevin and Kornflake celebrate Darwin Day with a piping hot bowl of Primordial Soup; as MarsCon preparations continue, we learn why you don't want to sit next to Kornflake on a plane; and because we're still dangerously obsessed with goofy old sitcoms, we present a Top 4 1/2 List of our favorite wacky neighbors. Come on, you haven't had this much fun since 1978, when your brother took you to a Lenny and the Squigtones concert.

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Kornflake presents a ridiculous new segment called National Whatever Day; we confirm that there WILL be Water Aerobics in the Martian Gravity Pit at MarsCon this year; Kevin stays out way too late thanks to Adam Carolla and Niki Luparelli; we have an Amoeba Lederhosen Challenge update; a new book about the band Heart leads to a discussion of 70s music versus 80s music, as well as our thoughts on this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees (too much Randy Newman, not enough Martika); and we end with a Chickens in the News story from Atlanta, where 26,000 pounds of chicken wings are on the loose and ready to party.

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