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We survived DragonCon 2022, more or less, so it's time to review the first half of that wacky weekend! Including: Kevin's Flash Gordon panel with Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson; Kevin's other panels on Cowboy Bebop, Lost in Space, and Upload; The Mayor's Severance panel (and Severance costume!); Kornflake's Elton John panel; Sci-Fi Explosion fun with Billy Ocean; the Geek Girls Run; an Aquaman-style visit to the Georgia Aquarium; late night pizza pie with Kate from Strange Animals Podcast; late night fun with Good Enough Cosplay; a late night movie with Dr. Strange and the American Sci-Fi Classics Track; and how to avoid obnoxious parking lot DJs. Next week: The rest of DragonCon. It just kept getting weirder.

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